With GroupApp Zapier Integration, you can set up the following actions.*

  • Invite new members:
    • This action sends an email notification to join your community*
  • Invite a member to a channel:
    • This action will add an existing community member to a channel*
  • Remove Channel Member:
    • Remove an existing channel member from a channel
  • Remove community members: 
    •  Remove a community member from your community *

You can also set up Zapier Triggers to do the following* 

  • New community member: 
    • When a new member joins your community 
  • Members profile updated: 
    • When a member profile information is updated
  • Course enrollment:
    • When a community member enrolls in a course*
  • Course lessons completed:
    • *When a community member marks a course as completed.

To set up Zapier with your community visit the link below and click ** Accept invite & build a Zap** button. From their GroupApp's Zapier App will be added to your account and you can start building out your zaps.