Coupons allow you to run discounted membership promotions and migrate over existing customers who had already paid you before you created your community on GroupApp by offering them a discount or 100% off their community membership.

Like our paid membership subscription setup, our coupon code functionality is built using Stripe, so you can easily manage your subscription plan and coupon codes from Stripe.

1. Set up your paid membership subscriptions by following the directions listed in this help doc. This step must be completed before creating coupons. 

2. Once you have set up your membership subscription, log in to Stripe by visiting this link


3. Once you have logged in, click Products from the right-hand menu.


4. Select Coupons under Products


5. To create your coupon, click the "+ create a coupon" button or click 'new' on the top right corner.


6. You will now be redirected to the coupon creation process in Stripe.  There you will be able to set an internal coupon namediscount typeapply the coupon to a membership productsetting coupon duration, and set redemption limits.


7. Next, turn on 'Use customer facing-coupon codes'. This must be turned on and set up in order for your subscribers/members to use coupon codes on GroupApp.


8. Set up a customer-facing code by entering a customer-friendly coupon name and selecting any other requirement you would like for the coupon code.


9. Once you are done creating your coupon, click Create coupon button