1. Click on Admin Panel.


2. Go down to Billing Details and click on this option.


3. A new window will open on the right-hand side, providing you with all the details about your current subscription plan and billing information. These include the name of your plan, the billing cycle, the members limit and the number of current members, and your credit card info.


4. To change your current subscription plan, click on Change plan.


5. The new window will provide you with three different plans and all the details about each of them. The first thing you can change is to go from monthly to an annual payment to get a 20% discount (or go the other way round if you’re currently on an annual payment plan and you no longer need it). All you need to do is click on the plan you want.


6. Below you can change your subscription. There are three options listed: Free, Pro, and Premium Plan, along with the benefits each plan includes. To take a look at the full list of features of all three plans compared, scroll down and click on See the full feature comparison chart.


7. When you decide which one you want, click on the Select Plan button.


8. When you click on Select Plan, you will be taken to a new window showing an overview of all the benefits of your new plan and your credit card details. When you double-confirm the details, click on the Subscribe button to change your plan.