As a community creator, you can invite new members to your community in three simple ways. Here are the steps for each of them.

Method #1: Sending an Invite Link

If you decide to invite new members by sending them an invite link, here’s what to do:

  • Below the name of the community and the search box, find an Invite Members option and click on it.


  • A new window will pop up. On the right-hand side click on the Copy Link option.

Method #2: Inviting Members via Email

Inviting new members directly via email

  • When the new window pops up, go to the Email Address box and enter the email of a person you want to invite.

If you want more people to join the community, click on Add another to enter a new email address.

  • When you enter all the email addresses you want, click on the blue Send Invitation button below the email box. GroupApp will send an invitation email on your behalf.

Method #3 Uploading Contacts

If you want to invite hundreds of members at a time, uploading contacts is an excellent way to do that. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the Admin panel of the community you want to expand.


  • When you open the panel and get a table of all the current members of your community, navigate to the top right corner of the table and hit the Invite Members button.


  • Click on Upload Email Contacts.


  • Drag or drop your CSV file in the field provided or click on Click here to import an email list of all the people that you want to add to your community.

When you upload all the contacts you want, click on Next. GroupApp will send an email invite to all the members on the list on your behalf.