When admins create communities, they are required to set community privacy settings. There are two options to choose between -- open and closed. Here’s what each of them means:

  • Open:

    • When they make the community open, it means that it will be open to the public. That way, everyone who wants to join it will be able to do so automatically, without waiting for admins’ approval. Open channel content is also public and such content can be indexed by Google or any other search engine.

  • Closed:

    • When the community is closed, all prospective members will be required to send a request to join the community. They must be approved by admins in order to become members of the community. Open channel content is hidden from non-members. This allows admins to post exclusive content that they want only chosen members to access.

Changing privacy settings

1. Click on Edit in the top right-hand corner of your community cover image.


2. Scroll down and change your community privacy from Open to Closed.


3. Click on Save to save the changes.


4. Go back to your community to double-check that you have saved the changes. The community status noted below the community name should say closed.