When you create your community, you will be required to create its URL, i.e., to come up with your community subdomain. This will be a unique link leading to your community.

When you type your subdomain, wait for the green checkmark showing you that the chosen subdomain is available.

A subdomain is considered an addition to another, main domain. In this case, the main domain is group.app. Subdomains typically contain a word included in the community name.

Subdomains are used as a quick way to navigate to a specific section of a website. When you create your community subdomain and send this unique URL to someone, they will be able to access your community automatically without being sent to GroupApp first. The subdomain is where your community is hosted.

||| You can copy the subdomain from the address bar and send it to anyone you want. When someone opens your subdomain, they will be directed straight to your community public page. If your community is open, they will be able to see all the content available to the public, such as courses or open channels.

When your members are directed to the public page, they can log in from there by clicking on Login in the top right-hand side corner.

People can also sign up from here by** clicking on Sign up** in the top right-hand side corner.