Types of Community Notifications


By Dornubari Vizor

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Whether you are a member of or an admin a community on GroupApp, you can expect to receive different types of notifications, both in-app and via email. Notifications help you stay up-to-date with everything that happens within your community, from new posts to new comments on a post.

Here are the five different types of community notifications that you can receive on GroupApp:

Weekly Group Digest

These notifications are sent to your community members’ emails. A weekly group digest is an automatically sent summary of the top posts inside a given community. This type of notification is sent every week to your group members, so they can take a look at what they’ve missed.

Broadcast Notification

When admins broadcast a post that has been shared inside of a given community, the members of that community will get an email notification. Members can read the post inside of the email notification or they can click on View Post and be directed to that post within the community.

Members will also receive an in-app notification when a post is broadcasted. In-app notifications can be easily checked in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Admins can easily broadcast every post by clicking on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the post they want to broadcast and then clicking on Broadcast.

Post Notification

Admins receive post notifications whenever a member posts something inside of their community. This is a way to keep admins notified of all the activities inside of their community. Admins receive post notifications via email, allowing them to see the actual post right on the spot or click on View Post and be directed to the community.

They also receive in-app notifications. Admins can see the new post by simply clicking on the notification, and then they can leave a comment or engage with it some other way.

@ Mention Notification

When a member of a community is mentioned using @, that member will receive an email notification, along with an in-app notification. Members can be mentioned both in comments and posts, and multiple members can be mentioned in the same post or comment.

Comment Notification

When a member comments on a post that you created or the one that you are following, you will receive both an email notification and an in-app notification.

If you don’t want to receive notifications about a particular post, you can turn off notifications by clicking on the three dots sign in the right-hand corner and then clicking on Turn off post notification.

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