Create channels and discussion topics

Use channels to keep your community discussions organize, create an exclusive paid member hub, and collaborate on projects.

1. Navigate to your group "Admin Panel."

2. Once inside of the admin panel click on "Channels" on the left-hand navigation.
3. Navigate your once to the top right-hand side and click on "Create Channel" button.
4. Follow the directions on the popup that appears and click "Create Channel" once you are done.

Channel Status
  • Private: Member must be invited and added by admin. Channel content is not visible to group members who are not members of the channel.
  • Open: Channel is visible to all members of the group of your group. This includes free and paid members.
  • Paid: Channel is only accessible to members on monthly and yearly subscriptions. Free members must upgrade into a paid subscription to view channel content.
Posting Permissions
  • Group Members: Group members can post inside of the channel along with admin.
  • Admin Only: Only admins have permission to post inside of the channel. Group members can still leave comments under each post.