Setup membership subscriptions

Use this guide to help you set up a membership subscription for your group.


  • Stripe merchant account
  • The ability to accept USD

1. Click "Admin Panel" from your group channel navigation menu. This will redirect you the admin area of your group and directly onto the "Peoples" Page 

2. Find and click "Subscriptions" in the admin panel menu.

3. On the subscription page, click "Authorize with Stripe" and follow the steps on the strip connect page; you will be redirected back to the subscription setup page after you have authorized GroupApp with your Stripe merchant account.

4. Once you are back on the subscription page, click the checkbox "Offer subscription plans to group members."

5. Enter subscription price for monthly and yearly if you would like to offer both options to members.

6. Let subscribers know what benefits they will get as part of their paid subscription compared to the free plan.

7. Click Save once you are done setting up your membership subscription